What Is The Connection Between Cannabis And Erectile Disfunction?

Men who have experienced an erection problem cannot achieve penis rigidity suitable for sexual intercourse. There may be many causes of this sexual health problem. As a result of some studies, it has been determined that cannabis use causes erectile disfunction as a sexual health problem in men. In this title, I will mention the effects of cannabis use, which is one of these reasons for the erection problem.

Cannabis is the most easily reached and most widely used drug in the world. Due to the geographical location we live in, it is not difficult to grow marijuana. Cannabis is produced from dried leaves, flowers, seeds and cannabis plants. It contains a variety of different chemicals, including a group known as cannabinoids. The most well-known chemical is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is the substance that has the greatest impact on the body. Although there are various methods of cannabis use, the most commonly used methods are consuming cannabis like a cigarette or using a bong.

Cannabis and Erection Problem

Erection problems are related to excessive smoking and alcohol consumption. The same applies to cannabis. The presence of some extra chemicals in cannabis can increase the risk of erection problems. Although it is possible that the Tetrahydrocannabinol substance contained in the marijuana drug substance may disrupt the functions of the blood vessels of the penis, there is the possibility of erection problem in men as a result of the lack of blood supply to the penis.

Although dopamine is a hormone that affects emotions and moods in the human body, there is an increase in the level of this hormone as a result of cannabis use. As the result of continuous cannabis use, the body becomes accustomed to high levels of dopamine, while normal dopamine levels in the body are not sufficient for sexual stimulation of the man, and will also make it difficult for the person to have an erection.

Since cannabis increases the level of dopamine in the body, although it is a hormone that can affect mood and emotion, if a person gets used to this artificially high dopamine level, it may be that the body’s natural dopamine level can be sexually stimulated and make it harder to achieve an erection. As a result of cannabis use, the circulatory system works fast, and blood pressure and heart rate will accelerate. In these two cases, it poses a risk for the erection problem.

Cannabis users are affected by this drug in different ways. In order to understand why cannabis causes erection problems, it is necessary to know how your body is affected. Cannabis affects the brain. When THC is smoked, it quickly passes from the lungs to the bloodstream and is transported to all other organs in the body. THC is absorbed more slowly when a person eats or drinks. Due to structure similarity, THC can bind itself to certain molecules that normally react to natural THC-like chemicals and become active. One of these is known as anandamide, the molecule of happiness.

As the body recognizes THC, various mental and physical functions, including the brain reward system, are impaired. This system manages responses to pleasurable activities such as sexual activity. THC indicates higher levels of dopamine release than normal. That’s why people feel high after taking the substance.

A 2011 literature review published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that marijuana may actually increase the risk of ED. Studies show that when THC reaches the brain, it gives users the feeling of being “high.” This interferes with your body’s normal functions. It may also impact the normal function of the penis’s smooth muscle, resulting in ED. ( https://www.healthline.com/health/erectile-dysfunction/is-smoking-weed-good-or-bad-for-ed#cons )

Other effects of cannabis are:

  • Altered senses
  • The feeling of time has changed
  • Changes in mood
  • Feeling physically disabled
  • Difficulty in thinking and problem solving
  • Poor memory

The erection problem caused by cannabis use is possible to be treated. Using a penis hardener pill for treatment will cure erection problems in a very short time and will provide you with ideal penis stiffness for sexual intercourse. As the effect of these products lasts for at least 24 hours, the penis will harden as a result of every sexual stimulation.

Does Cannabis Cause Impotence and Infertility?

First of all, the scientific fact that you need to know is that psychoactive substance (psychotropic substance) affects people in two ways – psychological and physiological. It is wrong to look at them separately because each drug (stimulant, stimulator, opiate, etc.) directly affects the brain, or rather the reward system in the brain. Pleasure, one of the basic effects of drugs over time, makes sexual desire worthless. The higher the degree of drug addiction, the more severe the state of depression, the more drug is needed, and the more frequent the drug use periods become. Thus, it eliminates all basic needs, except for the obsessive desire to use a single substance. In this way, the chemical effect destroys natural needs.

Second, we need to know the fact that sexual dysfunction is increasing gradually: the longer the individual uses the drug, the more the loss of sexual function becomes apparent. Patients often have the following situation in their medical history: the individual experiences increased sexual function in the early stages of substance abuse, gets “under pleasure” (often indiscriminate sexual intercourse) during sexual intercourse and falls into the trap. About 10% of the total number of cases are infected with more serious sexually transmitted diseases such as genital infections, HIV and AIDS. As expected, after two to three months of permanent use, a sudden loss of sexual desire occurs. This is due to a psychological disorder and pathological changes in physiology. Thus, pathological desire takes precedence over biological motivation.

Do Cannabis Addicted Men Have Sexual Dysfunction?

First, the drug, no matter how “harmless” you see (eg cannabis), adversely affects the nervous system and causes damage to the peripheral nerves (those outside the brain and spinal cord). Very little loss of sensitivity is observed in all patients: the nerve channels that provide the communication between the central and the peripheral nervous system and carry the stimulus messages are impaired so that the stimulus messages cannot reach the brain. However, the more addicted you become, the more damage it inflicts on the nervous system and the nerves are constantly destroyed by renewed exposure to toxic substances (adult human nerve cells do not have regenerative capabilities!).

Second, I would like to point out the physiological processes that are disrupted by this factor: drug use causes imbalances in hormone levels in the body and is said to affect the system of gonads (organs that makeup gametes that are reproductive cells). One of the diseases most likely to be infected: drug addicts are infected with the hepatitis C virus (90% of those using psychoactive substances become infected). This infection disrupts liver function. In the next stage, when the liver function, which plays an important role in hormone production, is weakened, the level of testosterone in the blood decreases and the individual’s sexual dysfunction begins. This is a pathology that requires treatment including removing toxins from the body, “regeneration” of the nervous system, correction of liver function, and correction of hormone level. Thus, it is ensured that the happiness hormones (serotonin and dopamine hormones), which are very important for the happiness center of the brain (anterior region of the brain), are produced in the required amount.

How Cannabis Affects Reproductive Function and Genetic Structure of an Individual?

In men, sperm production is impaired – first the degree of sperm motility and then the number decreases and eventually, defects in structure (morphological disorders) begin to occur. If the male’s reproductive function does not result in impotence, it is necessary to treat teratozoospermia (abnormally shaped sperm cells) for a long time after discontinuing substance abuse. In women, ovulation disorders occur, and then, menstruation becomes irregular and uncommon. Menopause occurs as a result of “menstruation” and hence the termination of reproduction, in other words when the ovaries fail to fulfill their functions. In this case, the possibility of pregnancy becomes out of the question.

Drug use does not go unnoticed, you need to know that the drug adversely affects the genotype and increases the risk of anomalies. It is worth noting that drug addicts do not take such problems seriously and think that they still have enough time to perform irreversible processes. In the practice, however, situations, where long-term drug use does not last for several months resulting in impotence and infertility, are often encountered. Therefore, even a short relationship with drugs can result in a personal tragedy. I do not recommend using psychoactive substances (psychotropic substances) and recommend that you seek timely medical attention.

New Research: Cannabis Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Although marijuana users claim that the substance increases sexual desire, new scientific research suggests otherwise. Physicist Rany Shamloul, who has studied at the University of Ottawa and Queen’s University in Canada and the University of Cairo in Egypt, has found that marijuana kills male sexuality in the long term, although research so far says otherwise.

Shamloul, whose findings were published in an article on Sexual Medicine on January 26, said that the techniques used in previous research were not sufficient to accurately measure sexual activity and that the results could, therefore, be misleading. According to the study showing that men commonly use marijuana during the period when their sexuality is strongest, 162 million people smoke marijuana per year. 22 million of them consume marijuana every day.

Frequent use also leads to more problems in the long run. Shamloul also says that there is almost no research on female sexuality and marijuana use and clinical studies should be done on the subject.

Effects of Cannabis on Erectile Disfunction from the Eyes of a Urologist

Cannabis (Marijuana) is marketed as a powder or processed plate obtained from the drying of cannabis leaf. It is possible to find ready-to-wrap cannabis cigarettes in the American market for 2-5 dollars. This plant, also known as Cannabis, is also popular in Arabic with the name poppy, which means powder. It is used by wrapping as cigarettes or chewing. It is widely consumed due to its drunkenness, pleasure and drug properties and also because it can be found very easily. Some states have liberalized a certain dose of this herb. The person who smokes marijuana speaks in a relaxed way (euphoria). His emotions and feelings increase. He becomes highly sensitive to colors, flavors or what he hears. Nonetheless, with chronic use, it makes mental dependence and disrupts sexual functions in men, such as reducing testosterone levels, as with opium. It often causes painful sexual intercourse (dysparanoia) in women.

  • Use of the Substance Leads to Sexual Reluctance

Substance use also reduces testosterone (male hormone) secretion in men, even in short-term use. Impairment of breast growth, sperm production, motility, and viability can be seen as it can lead to a 50 percent reduction in sperm count. Contrary to popular belief, cannabis does not improve sexual desire and performance. It even makes a negative impact. However, it has a positive effect on sexuality as it removes the social pressures on the person and thus leads to more relaxed behavior. A person’s substance abuse can be understood as follows:

  • Impairment of movement skills: Cannabis causes deterioration in perception and exaggeration in sensory experiences. Activities such as watching movies, listening to music or eating and drinking may increase.
  • Cannabis psychosis: Skeptical thoughts, doubts about the environment, and the feeling that something is going on around are common during or after use. It may cause dreaming.
  • Flashback: Temporary re-experiencing of experiences under substance influence and re-experiencing emotional content.
  • Amotivation syndrome: Decreased motivation and ambition, decreased expression of emotions, reduced capacity to make long-term plans, and difficulty in coping with frustration.

Cannabis Causes Changes in Sperm DNA

A study investigating the effects of cannabis on the male reproductive system proved that the drug causes genetic changes in human sperm. Duke University’s research in the United States of America, the active substance of cannabis tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) also showed that the number of sperm significantly reduced. Experiments on humans and mice revealed that the THC substance targets genes in two main cellular pathways. Methylation, ie genetic change, was observed in about a hundred of these genes studied.

Although the study reveals genetic change, it does not come to a conclusion about its permanence and its transfer to the next generation. Susan Murphy, Head of Reproductive Science at Duke University, said in a scientific publication that it is not known whether THC-affected sperm is healthy enough to fertilize an egg and maintain its development in an embryo.

“We know that cannabis use has an effect on the regulatory mechanisms in sperm DNA, but it hasn’t been explained whether it has been transferred to future generations,” Murphy said. Susan Murphy recommends the discontinuation of cannabis use at least 6 months before deciding to have children. About 50 percent of the US use cannabis.

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