Are Cannabis Companies In Danger: What Cannabis Companies Will Survive

For many reasons, the survival of cannabis companies or cannabis production companies can be difficult. Many reasons can affect companies or stock markets, such as political events, economic events, or events that can change the world, such as political wars, diseases, and other things. In this article, we have answered what cannabis companies will survive.

Many factors determine whether cannabis companies will survive, the most important of which are political events. Political events taking place in the world affect the cannabis market a lot. This is because cannabis is not legal in every state. But no matter how much cannabis companies are affected by these events, many are still strong enough to survive.

On the other hand, other factors affect companies. The coronavirus pandemic, which is affecting the whole world at the moment, has affected all companies as well as cannabis companies. Many cannabis companies have been affected by the Covid19 outbreak. Because the current bear market, which we are in, by losing 34% of the market index value due to the pandemic, became the steepest month in history. But don’t worry, strong companies still survive. In this article, we talked about cannabis companies that will survive.

Will Cannabis Companies Affected By Political Events Survive?

Many factors determine the survival of cannabis companies, one of which is political events. Because cannabis isn’t legal in every state and presidents can change it, political events can affect companies.

After Joe Biden became president of the United States, cannabis stocks hit record highs, but then faded. Many hoped that cannabis reform would become a priority because Democrats had taken control of the White House and Congress. Virginia lawmakers even gave the green light to legislation that would legalize cannabis by 2024.

In short, cannabis stocks in Canada fell. Canadian companies saw the USA as the cause of their troubles. There have been some significant booms in the Canadian market in recent years. But there is still the danger of being touched. This is why cannabis stocks are so dependent on the future of the American market.

As a result, Canadian cannabis stocks wanted the president to act because if he didn’t, the stock would quickly lose value. However, when we look at it now, things started to return to normal. Because if legalization does not begin, they can do little to compete with the illegal market.

So let’s see if the following seven cannabis company stocks will survive?

  • Aphria
  • Canopy Growth
  • Cronos Group
  • Tilray
  • Hexo
  • Sundial Growers
  • Organigram


Last year, Aphria and Tilray agreed to merge and form the world’s largest global company. Both are Canada’s largest cannabis companies. Now, however, Tilray will survive the merger and remain traded on the Nasdaq under the TLRY name.

At this point, Aphria’s share fee is buying and selling at about 0.78 instances of Tilray’s share price. In the run-up to the merger, buyers can take gain of the arbitrage probability via buying APHA inventory and shorting Tilray stock.

On its own, this pick out of cannabis stocks has no longer been doing well. Data indicates that the cannabis producer has disenchanted analyst expectations for three out of the final 5 quarters. Despite the poor performance, though, shares jumped 149% in the remaining three months. You can chalk that up to the upcoming merger. The company is still struggling. Maybe Tilray can do a better job after absorbing assets. as a result, the company will certainly be able to survive once the merger takes place.

Canopy Growth

One of the other struggling companies is CGC stock. The company has a solid balance sheet. And stocks are up 130% year over year. This is of course due to Joe Biden’s expectations of loosening the federal pot regulation.

Since there is confined traction on that end, though, the inventory has been giving up ground. InvestorPlace‘s Chris MacDonald wrote a splendid article that summarizes the motives why Canopy has been executed badly recently. MacDonald highlights many factors, however, the ones that stick out are excessive running costs, a focal point on the ill Canadian market, and a lack of fantastic U.S. catalysts.

Analysts presenting reports on CGC predict that revenues will increase steadily in 2022. But some analysts say they would prefer to pour capital into Constellation Brands, the company’s parent company, which is a supplier of alcoholic beverages including Corona and Modelo. And some believe SZE is a more stable investment than Canopy. If we look at the reports briefly, the company looks promising for the future.

Cronos Group

If you read the opinions of the analysts, you can see that they have a negative view of this company. It’s not hard to see why the company’s financial situation. For example, gross loss ballooned to 25.8 million CAD ($20.5 million) for 2020, growing by way of 8.2 CAD million from 2019. Adjusted EBITDA got here in at a loss of 147.3 million CAD ($117.1 million), too, growing through 48.9 million CAD all through the identical period.

Israeli marketer Cronos is acquiring the Peace Naturals brand, and the brand is now working on the use of cannabis in skincare products. This is part of the Cronos Cannabis 2.0 strategy that the company uses to manufacture other products.

Now, CNN Money is observing nine analysts who are offering consensus estimates about the company. According to the estimates, the price target for the shares is $7.90 per share, which is a 15% discount on the current price. This cannabis stock pick needs some positive news about US federal legalization to be successful in the coming times. The company looks like it can survive, but it needs the help of federal laws.

Tilray (TLRY)

We mentioned the merger between Aphria and Tilray. However, this merger is a very complex merger from the perspective of the pharmaceutical company and the cannabis company. Analysts say stocks will drop ahead of the merger. But the company has been in trouble for a while anyway.

In recent years, the company has disappointed analysts quite a bit. Because the predictions did not hold. Fundamentals are disappointing, cash usage is high, and operating metrics paint a sad picture.

Tilray’s shiny spot, though, is its Manitoba Harvest subsidiary a corporation centered on the cannabis-based food business. It has been doing properly and is contributing considerably to TLRY’s topline.


The next company is Hexo, For example, in the 2d quarter of fiscal 2021, the cannabis producer managed to attain high-quality adjusted EBITDA, making for the seventh consecutive quarter of adjusted EBITDA improvement. That adjusted EBITDA grew by 94% from the prior-year quarter and 12% from Q1 of 2021. However, the inventory nevertheless fell barely after the profits report, with a revenue per share loss worse than what was once anticipated through analysts.

The company has previously disappointed analyst estimates, which is true. Earlier results had been falling, but recently this has been reversed. And if you combine that fact with a massive 118% increase in share price over the past year, you have all the gains of an overheated stock. As a result, the company fell 10% last month, but it needs to drop further to become attractive.

It helps diversify the HEXO away from relying on the dried cannabis flower. Alternative cannabis products such as infused beverages almost always offer higher long-term margins and less pricing pressure. Hexo is among the top 10 manufacturers in Canada. The main reason for the company to survive is the increase in share prices.

Sundial Growers

New investment strategies have emerged this year. SNDL stock has become a stock that uses it to issue large volumes of shares and take advantage of the rapidly rising price.

Notwithstanding Redditors pushing the inventory up, the hashish producer stays enormously stressed. Sundial’s gross margin, running margin, internet margin, return on property and fairness return are all poor. Sales additionally expanded simply 11.5% in the closing year, at a time when even the most careworn cannabis producers have managed suitable boom rates. So, the American market opens up, this pick of cannabis stocks will continue to struggle. The company looks like it will survive but that depends on the American market


Like Sundial, Organigram is additionally categorized as a meme stock, alongside names like GameStop and AMC. What’s more, like different cannabis stocks, this hashish organization is struggling on all counts. However, the OGI inventory charge doesn’t replicate this scenario at all. OGI has outperformed the S&P five hundred by way of some 40% over the previous year.

That said, though, income has dropped in the remaining year. Like our remaining entry, Organigram’s gross margin, running margin, internet margin, return on property, and return on fairness are all poor. According to CNBC, OGI skilled solely one salary beat over the ultimate six quarters.

Yet, no matter this, the stock is buying and selling at an ahead price-to-sales ratio of 14.36. To sum up, OGI inventory is puffed up with susceptible working metrics. Without advantageous catalysts in the States, it will proceed to combat for the foreseeable future.

On Penny Stocks and Low-Volume Stocks: With solely the rarest exceptions, InvestorPlace does now not put up commentary about corporations that have a market cap of much less than $100 million or exchange much less than 100,000 shares every day. That’s due to the fact these penny shares are often the playground for rip-off artists and market manipulators. Organigram is currently in a decline, but it is a company that will survive because considering it is a health care company, it may rise again later in this period.

Five Pot Stocks That Could Survive The Coronavirus

Many cannabis companies were affected by the Covid19 pandemic. Because, losing 34% of the market index value due to the epidemic, the current bear market we are in has been the steepest in recorded history. The five companies that will survive are as follows:

  1. OrganiGram Holdings
  2. Innovative Industrial Properties
  3. Trulieve Cannabis
  4. Green Thumb Industries
  5. MediPharm Labs

1. OrganiGram Holdings

OrganiGram does better than other companies because OrganiGram has operational and competitive advantages. For example, it is one of the producers with wholesale agreements in each province and is the only major grower located in an eastern Atlantic province. These eastern Atlantic states tend to have higher rates of cannabis use than the national average.

OrganiGram’s efficiency is second to none in Canada. The company’s three-tier developing gadget needs to produce a yield per rectangular foot that doubles or triples its peers. Also, proudly owning a single breeding facility will enable OrganiGram to greater successfully alter output and expenses, at least when in contrast to different fundamental Canadian growers.

2. Innovative Industrial Properties

It is an America-based cannabis real estate investment trust. It hasn’t had a problem during the coronavirus because it’s a low-cost REIT that buys cannabis growing and processing grounds and then leases it for extended periods.

From a profit perspective, no pot stock is making more money per share. In addition, the company has a wealth of properties spread across 15 states. earns an average of 13.2% on investment capital of approximately $800 million.

3. Trulieve Cannabis

Trulieve Cannabis has had little trouble during this crisis, as Trulieve has not tried to make one after another acquisition or claim in as many markets as possible. Instead, Trulieve focused almost all her effort on Florida.

Trulieve Cannabis has 47 open dispensaries. 45 of them are in the US Sunshine State. The company managed to keep its expenses very low. That’s because it focuses on medical cannabis and brand building in legal Florida. Not surprisingly, it holds most of Florida’s medical cannabis market share.

While IIP is the leader in earnings per share, no cannabis stock to date has produced a greater operating profit than Trulieve. This should make him a winner once the COVID-19 panic has passed.

4. Green Thumb Industries

Another MSO that has to be in the appropriate form is Green Thumb Industries. Green Thumb has been actively shifting into new states by natural enlargement and acquisitions. However, it hasn’t overextended itself with debt, nor have working costs soared. In fact, there is a quite respectable hazard that Green Thumb pushes into ordinary profitability this 12 months as income greater than double.

Growth was driven by the legalization of recreational weed in Illinois and the acquisition of Integral Associates in Nevada. But the lack of tourism could temporarily hurt sales in Nevada. The Silver State is expected to continue to lead the nation in per capita cannabis spending through 2024.

Leveraged a sale-leaseback agreement with Innovative Industrial Properties to raise cash. This will ensure that Green Thumb does not face the cash shortages that plague other MSOs.

5. MediPharm Labs

Finally, this company will not only survive, but will also improve performance. MediPharm’s job is very simple. It takes cannabis and hemp biomass and processes it for distillates, resins, concentrates, and targeted cannabinoids used in the production of derivatives. Things that have consumption options, such as edibles and brewed beverages. MediPharm Labs is becoming a high-demand hub in the cannabis space because when derivatives reach Canadian dispensary shelves and it became a much higher margin product than traditional dried cannabis.

Customers are usually on fee-based contracts lasting more than 18 months. It creates a view of income predictability that few pot stocks can boast. MediPharm Labs is already profitable. And for this reason, it will not be very difficult to overcome the virus.

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