Cannabis Seeds: Definition, Features, and Benefits

The Cannabis Sativa type of cannabis, which has a THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) active ingredient below 0.3% by breeding, is defined as industrial cannabis grown for industrial purposes such as oil and fiber extraction. Plants grown for this purpose have been specially bred to contain very low amounts of THC compared to normal C. Sativa and produce as much seed and fiber as possible. Cannabis seeds are quite useful and useful. Here’s everything you need to know about cannabis seeds.

Cannabis seeds, which are selected from a wide range, are one of the recently researched foodstuffs. Vegetable oils produced from them have been used very beneficially in other areas of use. Used vegetable oils can also be recycled for use in detergents, cosmetics, animal feed, biodiesel, and soap. Cannabis seeds are widely used as feed for lactating dairy cows as they contain fiber and protein as well as concentrated energy.

Cannabis seeds can be used raw, roasted, or added to various recipes. It can be sprinkled on pastries such as black cumin, added to biscuits and cakes, and added to cereal mixes. In addition, cannabis seeds are rich in many vitamins. These vitamins are vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, E, and folic acid (B9). It contains the minerals calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, and zinc.

In addition, cannabis seeds are rich in protein. It contains amino acids that are very important for human functions. Eating at least 3 tablespoons of cannabis seeds a day will meet one-third of a person’s daily protein needs. It is an ideal food especially suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Cannabis is beneficial for many diseases. At the beginning of these, it helps to lower cholesterol and protects cardiovascular health.

Cannabis seeds have many benefits. However, one of its known benefits contains a fatty acid called GLA (gamma-linolenic acid). Due to this feature, it helps to maintain the hormone balance in the body. It is rich in omega fatty acids, which contribute to brain health. The gamma-linolenic acid in its content supports hormonal balance and can prevent problems such as premenstrual syndrome and menstrual pain caused by hormonal problems. Thanks to the vitamins it contains, especially iron, it helps to prevent headaches and fatigue caused by anemia and fatigue.

Another important feature is that it strengthens bones. Animals that use cannabis seeds as food do not need hormone supplements, thanks to the vitamins and minerals they contain. Cannabis seeds and oils, which are very rich in nutrients, can be cooked in salads, pastries, and snacks, or you can choose them by grinding them on the ground. In addition, cannabis seeds, which are preferred in soaps and cosmetics, do not harm your skin. You can also add cannabis seeds or oil to the skincare products you prepare at home.

Cannabis seeds are a very good source of fiber. Since its ingredients support intestinal function, it can regulate the digestive system and help prevent problems such as diarrhea and constipation. In addition, it is good for hair and skin health. If consumed regularly, it can help hair and skin look brighter and more vibrant. It is also very beneficial for sleep problems due to its high magnesium content. It helps to reduce problems such as insomnia caused by melatonin deficiency and supports the release of the hormone melatonin.

Cannabis, which is not restricted by any special conditions in terms of cultivation, can be grown in various soil types and even in swamps. It also increases the yield by providing vitamins and minerals to the soil where it grows. Since the stems of cannabis plants are very strong, their fibers are preferred in the textile, fuel, paper, and yarn industries. Especially sacks, ropes, threads, shoes and hats, mesh bags, etc. used in construction.

What Are Cannabis Seeds?

Cannabis seed is a unique plant that has been used for centuries in everything from textiles to food and skincare. These seeds offer superior health benefits due to the healthy oils, minerals, and vitamins they contain. They can also be used to support digestive health thanks to the soluble and insoluble fibers contained in the seeds. Cannabis seeds are preferred as they are a rich source of Omega fatty acids and essential nutrients.

These seeds are a great source of magnesium, which helps regulate your heartbeat and has been linked to the prevention of coronary heart disease. In addition, it can help prevent the formation of many diseases due to its healthy fat content. Cannabis seeds can be used in many ways. It can add an additional flavor to dishes or can be consumed raw. Because the small seeds contain a variety of nutrients, they can be an optimal nutritional supplement for people who need higher nutrient intakes.

Cannabis seeds are generally used to deal with stress and anxiety. In addition, the consumption of cannabis seeds also helps a diet rich in essential food groups. Due to its high content of healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals, consuming cannabis seeds can help support muscle and cell health. At the same time, cannabis seeds are a quality protein source for vegans.

Thanks to its rich healthy fat content, cannabis seeds can support the growth of cells, muscles, and organs while supporting body functions. Also cannabis seeds; It also contains calcium, potassium, vitamin E, sulfur, phosphorus, magnesium, and zinc. Therefore, it can help relax the body and muscles. It is also known to be highly effective in dealing with anxiety and depression. It can also be used to help control nerve, muscle spasms, and movement problems.

Thus, people who have trouble falling asleep are also recommended to use cannabis seeds. A lack of fatty acids in the body can manifest in many ways, the most common being patches of thick skin, cracked heels, and a host of other skin problems. Because an organic cannabis seed contains a high amount of fatty acids, using the seeds will alleviate the symptoms associated with dermatitis and can also help alleviate the effects of eczema.

Besides all this, cannabis seeds contain numerous compounds that are good for a healthy heart. One of these compounds, the amino acid arginine, can increase blood flow in the body and maintain optimal blood pressure. It can also help significantly lower blood pressure, reduce the chances of blood clots, and speed recovery after a heart attack. There are cannabis seeds options offered by different brands. By examining the information about the products, you can get the cannabis seed type you like.

Cannabis Seed Content

Cannabis seeds are appreciated for their rich content. First, the cannabis seed female options have a rich fiber content. Eating fiber creates a long-term feeling of fullness to lose weight in a healthy way. At the same time, fiber-rich foods not only keep you full for longer but also prevent your body from absorbing some of the calories from the foods you eat. Cannabis seeds also contain many types of healthy oils.

It can help support heart and brain health due to its fat and protein content. In addition, since cannabis seeds are extremely low in calories, you can easily consume them. In addition, the consumption of cannabis seeds can help regulate the amount of sugar in the blood. If you are looking for an answer to the question of how can I consume cannabis seeds, you can consume this healthy food by adding it to foods such as salad or yogurt.

Ground cannabis seeds options, which have a mild flavor, do not change the taste of food. In addition, you can use cannabis seed milk or cannabis seed oil in different recipes. You can also dilute cannabis seed oil at the appropriate rate and add it to skin serums or moisturizing creams. In addition to all these, cannabis seed prices are also very affordable. You can choose any cannabis seed from 1 kg or 20 kg product packages. You can also examine cannabis seed oils if you wish.

Benefits of Cannabis Seeds

Many people consider cannabis seeds as a powerful food. The question of what is cannabis seeds may be on your mind. Cannabis seeds, which have rich content, are very useful in terms of nutritional value. Your fiber diet gives you a great advantage in the weight loss process. Cannabis seeds are often preferred as a protein source, especially for people who eat vegans. It allows you to have a rich diet in terms of basic food groups due to the healthy fat types it contains. One of the beneficial properties of cannabis seeds is that this seed contains high levels of vitamins and minerals.

Thanks to these ingredients, those who use cannabis seeds can be protected against many different heart and brain diseases. It is especially recommended for the treatment of diseases such as Alzheimer’s. It can also help prevent some liver diseases. At the same time, thanks to the soluble and insoluble fibers in the cannabis seed content, it can support the digestive system. In this way, it can help reduce appetite and provide weight control. In addition, cannabis seeds also contain strong unsaturated fatty acids that have anti-inflammatory effects.

Thus, it can help reduce inflammation in the body. Another benefit of cannabis seeds is that it helps to beautify the skin. Especially, cannabis seed oil has an important place in skincare. Diluted and added to skincare products, cannabis seed oil can provide the necessary moisture and nutrition while helping to strengthen the skin barrier. Therefore, those who use cannabis seed oil in addition to regular care can have healthier and brighter skin.

Cannabis seeds impress because of their ingredients that help support overall health. Depending on your personal use and taste, you can purchase different types of products such as cannabis seed milk and oil. Adding these products to your diet can help regulate the digestive and excretory systems. It can also prevent possible heart diseases by supporting heart health. In addition, consuming cannabis seeds can help cope with anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

In addition to all these benefits, you can have a nutritional routine rich in vitamins and minerals by consuming cannabis seeds. The price tags of cannabis seeds, which are appreciated with their unique benefits, are also curious. The price tags for cannabis seed products vary according to the brand and features of the product. However, in general, the price of cannabis seed oil, which is offered in a range suitable for every budget, pleases users.

You can buy an affordable feminized cannabis seed to add these products, which are appreciated for their superior benefits, to your diet. Cannabis seed products with different features are offered for sale in online stores. You can examine all these products and have the product you like with the advantages of online sales. At the same time, you can take a look at female cannabis seed discounts and campaigns, which are held at different times of the year, allowing you to reach your favorite products at more affordable prices.

The Truth About Cannabis Seeds

When we think of cannabis, most of us don’t think of good things. As such, it is not easy not to be surprised when faced with situations such as being sold as food or being included in the ingredient list. Cannabis is the name given to all products obtained from the Cannabis sativa plant, which contains 540 chemical components. So what are the others and what are the differences?

Of course, it is the chemical components in it that make this difference. The main chemical component that distinguishes marijuana from cannabis used as food is the structure called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Adequate intake of THC affects the mental state by stimulating the necessary places in the brain. Different cannabis plants may contain different amounts of THC. In other words, the reason why marijuana is marijuana, which was first clarified, is the amount of THC in its content.

Apart from THC, another chemical component that is talked about a lot is cannabidiol or CBD. It is known as the second most effective component of the Cannabis Sativa plant. I think it is worth emphasizing that the first is THC. CBD, on the other hand, is mostly used as an active ingredient and does not have psychoactive properties. Although we can definitely say that the cultivation of cannabis with high THC content is “illegal to grow” around the world, we cannot say the same for cannabis containing CBD.

Each country has almost made its own decision, but according to the report published by the World Health Organization in 2018, it is worth noting that CBD is used in the treatment of diseases such as epilepsy and that it is not possible to abuse it like THC. In fact, this effect is with the endocannabinoid system* in our body; It should be noted that recently researchers have noticed that this system has a regulatory role in the functioning of the brain, endocrine, and immune systems.

To reduce the confusion of the concept, CBD (cannabidiol) is a component of the cannabis plant that does not have psychoactive effects in humans, which is generally used to treat diseases and is sold as CBD oil, CBD extract when sold. So cannabis oil and CBD oil are not the same things. So cannabis oil and CBD oil are not the same things. Considering cannabis as a big title, we can call marijuana for the version whose THC content is sufficient for the formation of psychoactive properties, and cannabidiol (CBD) for the version whose THC content is not high but CBD (cannabinoid) content is high and is generally used for medical purposes.

Cannabis seed, on the other hand, is the easiest type of cannabis plant to grow, with a relatively high CBD content and a low THC content of less than 0.3%, with high nutritional properties. It is used not only as food but also in various fields such as textiles, cosmetics, and building materials. We can say that its use in so many areas is due to its easy and ecological growing conditions.

In fact, it is stated that the cannabis seed is a bio-accumulator, it is planted to clean the soil from various pesticides and toxins, so laboratory tests for the clean and safety of cannabis seeds to be consumed as food (although it is a matter that should be considered for every product coming from the soil). We can say that it is important.

Now let’s get to the main topic. What is the benefit for us to include cannabis seeds, which we have heard about recently, in our diet as food? For this, we can first look at the chemical composition of the whole cannabis seed. What is meant by a whole cannabis seed is to emphasize that it has not been separated from its shell. The dry matter content indicates the amount remaining after the moisture has been removed, and the ash content indicates the amount of the seed that is not liquid or gaseous, such as minerals after the seed is burned until the known ash of the seed remains.

Cannabis seed is a seed with high oil, dietary fiber, and protein content. We can say that it contains higher protein compared to the same amount of chia and flax seeds. Although it contains all essential (mandatory to be taken from outside) amino acids, it is compared with egg white and soybean proteins in studies conducted in terms of arginine, glycine, and histidine amino acids. In addition, it is worth emphasizing that the quality* of the protein isolated from the cannabis seed is 61 out of 100 and that it is 40 for whole wheat, 52 for lentils, 57 for kidney beans to give an idea.

When we look at the oil content, we see that there is a balanced oil profile. First of all, from the point of view of saturation and unsaturation, it is a great advantage that the fatty acid composition consists of 90% unsaturated fats. As studies show, unsaturated fats are in liquid form at room and body temperature and have many beneficial effects, such as improving blood cholesterol levels and protecting cardiovascular health. When we look at the fatty acid content, we see that it has a rich content of essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid, alpha-linolenic acid, and oleic acid.

If we talk about why these fatty acids are essential, taking linoleic acid into the body acts as a precursor for the synthesis of di-homo-gamma linolenic acid (DGLA), better known as omega-6 fatty acid and arachidonic acid. Alpha-linolenic acid, on the other hand, is required for the production of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), also known as an omega-3 fatty acid. But above all, the part that qualifies the fatty acid profile of cannabis seeds as “balanced” is the ratio of omega-6 fatty acid content to omega-3 fatty acid content.

When we look at the carbohydrate content, which is another macronutrient, we see that if we say over 100 grams, we see that it is 3 grams, and 14% of these 3 grams is dietary fiber, so we will underline once again why it should be included in our diet. If we talk a little about micronutrients, we can say that it is rich in tocopherols, which are precursors for the synthesis of vitamin E, and its iron (44%), potassium (26%), and calcium (5%) content is substantial.

In addition to these, besides the direct consumption of cannabis seeds by adding them to salads, muesli or breakfast cereals, energy bars, it is possible to develop more herbal alternative products by producing milk, cheese, or beverage. By adding cannabis seed flour or oil to food formulations, it can be added to bakery products such as bread, biscuits, cakes, or products such as chocolate to increase its nutritional properties.

Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (Protein Digestibility- Corrected Amino Acid Profile, PDCAAS) determined by FAO and WHO is a term related to the extent to which protein is utilized by the human body on a scale. The protein quality of the egg is considered 1, and beef protein is 0.92. For ease of understanding, this value is multiplied by 100 and included in the studies. In other words, the protein quality of the egg is calculated as 100 and beef as 92.

The endocannabinoid system is a concept that was coined in the 1990s when researchers discovered endocannabinoids, which are cannabis-like molecules produced by the human body. They discovered that these cannabis-like molecules produced by the human body, which were initially thought to be only in the brain and nerves, are found in the skin, immune system, bone, adipose tissue, liver, pancreas, skeletal muscles, heart, blood cells, kidney, and digestive system, in short, throughout the body. Today, it is known that the endocannabinoid system is effective on pain, memory, appetite, stress, sleep, metabolism, immune and reproductive functions.

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