Cannabis Meaning: What Is Cannabis?

We’ve all heard the name of cannabis. Cannabis, which is generally known as a drug, is actually a type of plant with very useful properties that has been used by people for many years. Although its recreational use has earned cannabis a bad reputation, cannabis is one of the most important plants in human history. So what exactly is this cannabis?

Cannabis (Cannabis sativa L.) is a source of fiber and oilseeds that has been used as a raw material for centuries, especially in industrial and textile products. Currently, industrial cannabis is grown in more than thirty countries around the world and products derived from cannabis find buyers in world markets. Cannabis can be grown for fiber, seed, or both in a wide variety of geographic regions and climates. Let’s take a closer look at this miraculous plant.

All You Need to Know About Cannabis

Cannabis is one of the oldest known vegetable raw materials. The cultivation of this plant, which stands out with its relaxing feature and uses in many areas, is controlled in many countries of the world. Cannabis is one of the plants that has been frequently encountered recently and used as a raw material for different materials in various sectors. It is used in different fields from the automotive sector to pharmaceutical production, from fuel production to paper production.

The cannabis plant, whose homeland is Central Asia, grows in temperate and tropical climates. It is in the class of Cannabaceae (Cannabis). It resembles a bush in appearance and is hard in structure. This plant is also called cannabis or fool’s grass. There can be 3 to 11 leaves, opposite each other, at the end of a long stem. It meets the raw material needs of many sectors thanks to its hollow body, long fibers, and is resistant to impacts. It plays an active role in the production of products that should be resistant to wear, such as fabric, sacks, ropes, fishing nets.

Male cannabis is weak in terms of structure and its branches are sparse. That’s why it matures quickly. The part of the female cannabis, called the stem, close to the root is thicker and its branches are more than the other. In addition, the fibers in females are less in number but higher in yield. According to the research of experts, there are 779 cannabis species that can be used in various fields. While it can take many years for any type of tree to grow and bloom or bear fruit, the cannabis tree grows in just 4 months.

In Which Fields Is Cannabis Used?

The cannabis plant is evaluated in two different types according to its usage patterns. One of them is cannabis strains, also called marijuana. The other is known as industrial cannabis, which is used in different industries. Marijuana is known as a psychoactive substance. In the medical literature, this term means all of the conditions that can affect the central nervous system, change brain functions, affect sensory perceptions and cause emotional disorders.

It has been determined that psychoactive substances can cause confusion in the psyche and consciousness, as well as changes in behavior and attitudes. In this direction, cannabis cultivation is banned in various countries of the world for certain periods and today its production is limited under a certain control quota. These psychoactive substances are only found in the flower parts of female cannabis. These products, obtained from female plant powders, are used in various drug production stages.

They are male plant species that have other uses and do not contain parts that can be considered prohibited. Products and items for daily use are obtained from these species. At this point, you may wonder what the use of industrial cannabis is. Paper, fabric, and similar textile products are produced especially by making use of their fibrous parts. It is known that the automotive industry is among the areas where it is used as a raw material. Useful products such as seeds and oil are obtained from various parts of the male genus of the plant.

Discover the Miracle of Cannabis Seeds

Just like the stems, fibers, and other parts, cannabis seeds have many functional properties and benefits. These fertile seeds can also be used as bird feed. In recent years, its benefits have been discovered and it has begun to enter homes. According to research by scientists, it contains plenty of A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, E, and folic acid. It is rich not only in terms of vitamins but also in the minerals it contains.

It minimizes the problem of insomnia as it contains sodium, potassium, iron, zinc, calcium, manganese, phosphorus, and especially magnesium. It eliminates insomnia problems by supporting the secretion of the hormone melatonin, which is necessary for sleep. Thanks to the iron it contains, it protects from anemia and diseases that can be caused by anemia. Thanks to the omega fatty acids in their content, it is determined that it supports brain development. It is known that women reduce menstrual pain during menstrual cycle phases.

It is a suitable nutrient, especially for vegan individuals. About three tablespoons of cannabis seed powder, which you can obtain by grinding the seeds, meet the amount of protein and amino acids that should be taken daily for your health. You can drink this powder by adding it to milk at certain times of the day, or you can easily use it while preparing soups, pancakes, granola, and smoothies.

Cannabis Oil as a Healing Source

Cannabis seed oil is a type of oil obtained by squeezing the seeds of the plant at a low temperature. The oil obtained by cold pressing is very rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Therefore, it is extremely beneficial for heart health. It lowers blood pressure. It also contributes to the strengthening of the immune and digestive systems. It reduces constipation.

Research by experts focuses on some of the cannabis seed oil benefits. These studies draw attention to the effect of the plant that can fight most cancer types. It is seen that it has a fighting structure, especially against brain, lung, and breast cancers, and slows down the growth of these diseases. Thanks to the minerals it contains, it is also known to reduce rheumatism and joint pain. By affecting hormones, it contributes to the strengthening of the immune system of women during menopause.

Cannabis also helps you lose weight thanks to its appetite suppressing feature. It keeps you full for a long time and suppresses sugar crises. Apart from the cannabis oil benefits, it is also extremely important. It contains linoleic acid. Thus, it delays aging and stops the signs of premature aging. It moisturizes the skin and gives a lively appearance to the skin. You should also remember that cannabis oil should not be exposed to high heat. You can benefit from this healing source by consuming 2 teaspoons every day.

Brief History and Uses of Cannabis

It is thought that cannabis, which has been known in Mesopotamia since the Sumerians and whose seeds were used as medicine, was brought to Europe by the Scythians in the VII century BC. The first information about its use as a narcotic is found in the History of Herodotus (V century BC). Dioscorides (A.D. I century) describes the cannabis plant and records that overeating its seeds will cause the reproductive power to fade.

Historians (thirteenth century) record the intoxicating property of the cannabis plant, that it was widely used in Egypt, especially wandering dervishes were fond of this substance, and its long-term use led to insanity. It is known that the Ismailis, in a secret society that they established in the IX century, gave their will to kill at the cost of their lives, by taking advantage of cannabis, to the bodyguards they trained to have people killed for political purposes. The word assassin, which is used to mean “professional murderer” in European languages, comes from the Arabic name Hasşâşîn given to the members of this society.

The cannabis plant (Cannabis Sativa) is a bisexual, annual herbaceous plant with a height of 0.5-3.5 m, with short and hard hairs. The leaves are long-stalked and have 3-7 segments, while the parts are pointed and toothed. The flower cover is greenish in color. The fruit is in the form of egg-like (sometimes flat) hard grains with a diameter of 3-5 mm. The fact that it has been grown in temperate regions since ancient times to obtain fiber, seeds, or drugs makes it difficult to determine its true homeland.

Cannabis is divided into two main types according to its shape characteristics, the regions where it grows, and its chemical structure. The first is cannabis fiber (cannabis Sativa). It is a species widely cultivated in Northern European and American countries to obtain fiber or seeds. It carries less than 0.3% active ingredient in its ends; For this reason, the drug effect is very weak. The second is Cannabis Indica. It is specially grown in South Asia, Africa, Central, and South America. The tips carry more than 0.3% active substance. The drug effect is high; marijuana is obtained from this species.

However, this distinction is not very clear and precise. The grown plants are very rich or poor in terms of narcotic resin depending on the soil and climatic conditions. It is seen that the plants grown from the same seed in the same field have a physiological structure that varies between being ineffective and very effective in terms of drugs. Therefore, there are opinions accepting that Indian cannabis is a type of fiber cannabis that grows in hot and arid regions.

The active substance of cannabis is found in the inflorescences of the cannabis plant and the resinous substance carried by the hairs on the young leaves. The amount of resin in inflorescences depends on the plant’s origin and growing environment. The amount of resin is between 10-20% in cannabis originating from India. Plants grown in European countries contain only 5% (sometimes 1-2%) of resin.

About fifty “cannabinoid” class compounds have been obtained from the cannabis resin. Among them, it has been shown that the derivative named “delta 9 – Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)” or “delta 1 – Tetrahydrocannabinol” according to another numbering method has the most important psychotropic effect. Since there are no significant shape differences between fiber cannabis and cannabis, the amount of THC carried by the young leaves is taken as the threshold to distinguish these two types of cannabis from each other.

Generally, plants that contain more than 0.3 or 0.5% THC are considered jute cannabis, and plants that contain less THC are considered fiber cannabis. Cannabis preparations (extract and tincture) have a pain-relieving effect. It was especially used to relieve stomach and intestinal pains and half-headaches, but its use for treatment has been abandoned today due to the belief that it is habit-forming.

People who use cannabis as a drug first experience a pleasurable intoxication; Then the dreaming period begins. These dreams are sometimes pleasant, sometimes terrible; sometimes everything seems too small or too big. In cannabis intoxication, the person lives with dreams like dreams. For example, he thinks he is a bird, tries to fly, and jumps out of the window. Time seems long to marijuana smokers. After the period of dreams comes sleep. Sleep is sometimes calm and sometimes dreamy. No tiredness or drowsiness after sleep. Cannabis poisoning is common in long-term users.

In these, mental and physical collapse is seen in the form of lack of will, loss of attention power, and cutting off the relationship with the environment. Color is pale, eyes are dull, movements are weak and slow. Appetite ceases, the body weakens, tremors occur, sexual power and sensitivity decrease. In the end, madness comes. Some of them start early dementia and they end their lives in mental hospitals. There have been incidents resulting in death as a result of the ingestion of large quantities of cannabis.

People who are in the room where cannabis is smoked, but who do not smoke, are also under the influence of cannabis by inhaling the smoke in the room. Young children in the marijuana smoking room are particularly affected. It has also been observed that young children who were in the room where their parents smoked cannabis were poisoned by cannabis smoke and lost their lives.

It is known that marijuana is not truly addictive. On the other hand, the biggest danger is morphine, heroin, etc., which have a much higher toxicity rate than cannabis. preparing the environment for the use of drugs. Those who start drugs with cannabis do not find its effect enough after a while and switch to heroin and similar synthetic drugs.

Useful Information About Cannabis

The cannabis plant is banned in many countries, especially because it is used in the production of drugs and prohibited substances. Some countries, on the other hand, have imposed some restrictions on cannabis production, thereby limiting the production. In most countries, the cannabis plant used in drug production is completely banned.

Although the production of the cannabis plant is banned, some facts about the cannabis plant are quite surprising. In particular, the benefits of cannabis are described as innumerable. We have compiled 18 of the most important of these numerous benefits of cannabis. Here are some surprising and interesting facts about cannabis that you may not believe when you hear;

  • Cannabis has a very short growing time

The cannabis plant grows quite quickly compared to other plants. While the average tree grows for 25 years, cannabis grows in as little as 4 months. Due to the growth rate, the production of products made from cannabis plants is also fast.

  • Cannabis Plant Produces High Oxygen

Producing a cannabis plant on 1 acre of land means that the plant produces almost as much oxygen as a 25-acre forest. The cannabis plant, which produces more oxygen, gives cleaner air to the environment where it is produced. The cannabis plant offers positive conditions for human health due to the production of oxygen and clean air.

  • More Paper Production From Cannabis Plants

The cannabis plant is used more in the production of paper than wood. The amount of paper obtained from 1 acre of cannabis plants is the same as the amount of paper obtained from 4 acres of land. By obtaining lament from the cannabis plant, both forests can be protected and production can be faster and more efficient. Other benefits of cannabis can also be indirectly benefited from when the cannabis plant is used for paper production. With the use of cannabis, the destruction of forest areas is reduced.

  • Cannabis Has A Very High Turning Speed To Paper

While the cannabis plant is used to produce paper 8 times, paper can be produced from trees only 4 times. The fast and continuous cannabis plant both ensures the development of the country in paper production and prevents the destruction of forests unnecessarily. The country shows a general development in the production of paper and paper-like materials. In addition to preventing the destruction of nature, the assets found in nature are also efficiently protected.

  • Radiation Can Be Destroyed With Cannabis

The cannabis plant provides the removal of especially intense radiation from indoor environments. With the cannabis plant, the radiation environment and air pollution are eliminated and the environment is provided with healthier and cleaner air.

  • Cannabis Plant Is Quite Easy To Grow

Since the cannabis plant can grow in any environment, it costs very little as a plant. The cannabis plant does not require much water and does not need any pesticides because it grows easily.

  • Efficiency Increases When Produced With Cannabis Plant

The cannabis plant is a very productive plant due to its durability. The use of pesticides can also be reduced by producing production and textile materials with cannabis plants. In production with the cannabis plant, production progresses faster, other auxiliary materials needed for production are not required.

  • Firsts in Textile Production Made from Cannabis

Cannabis, one of the main ingredients of textile production, was used extensively in ancient times. In particular, the cannabis plant was used in the production of the first jeans, and these pants were called canvas.

  • Cannabis Acts as Antidote for Many Ailments

The cannabis plant is good for radiation, AIDS, cancer, heart diseases, asthma, epilepsy, and stomach ailments. In particular, it acts as an antidote to AIDS disease.

  • High Protein Obtained From Cannabis

The cannabis plant has two essential fatty acids that are almost rare in nature. Very high protein is obtained from the cannabis plant.

  • Cannabis Production Is Quite Cheap

Cannabis production is cheaper than many plants. In particular, the fact that it does not have many costs in both the growth and production stages allows all kinds of farmers to easily benefit from this plant.

  • The Contribution of Cannabis to Animal Nutrition Is Quite High

The cannabis plant is also used as animal feed. Animals fed cannabis plants are both healthier and do not need any hormone supplements.

  • The Benefit of Cannabis Plant for Plastic Production

Plastic production is made easier and faster than the cannabis plant. Plastic products made from cannabis do not harm nature. In addition, such plastics are destroyed more quickly in nature.

  • Cannabis Is A More Durable Plant Than Steel

If cannabis is used especially in industry, more durable products can be obtained from steel. If cannabis plants are used in the automotive sector, both the reliability of the vehicles and their durability increase.

  • Cannabis Can Be Used For Insulation

Cannabis is a plant that can be used for the insulation of all buildings. In terms of insulation, it provides both more durability and building insulation at a cheaper cost.

  • The Use of Cannabis in Cosmetics Is More Hygienic

If the cannabis plant is used in all cosmetic products, the environment and nature will not be polluted. Especially in soap production, cannabis also prevents water pollution.

  • Cannabis Production Raw Materials Cost Less

When cannabis is used both at the production stage and as raw material, it is very low in cost. For this reason, other raw materials produced from cannabis are also cheaper.

  • Cannabis Prevents the Destruction of Nature

The cannabis plant is a plant that grows very quickly and is used for many different purposes. For this reason, the continuous destruction of other plants used as a substitute for cannabis is prevented by increasing the production of cannabis.

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