Cannabis for Sex: Useful or Harmful?

The cannabis plant was used as an aphrodisiac thousand of years ago, we can almost call it natural Viagra. According to ancient sources, Cannabis was used to increase sexual desire. Today, as in the USA, the interaction between cannabis and sexuality in many European countries is complicated by industrial life, laws, tensions, and social pressures. Apart from these problems, research on cannabis and sex continues in the background. From research, it is thought that sexuality with marijuana can be an exciting and mutually enhancing combination that can help people enjoy more and live more intensely.

However, some experts argue that cannabis is harmful to sexuality. According to the latest studies, cannabis does more harm than good for sexuality. Cannabis reduces sexual desire and causes changes in the levels of sexually related hormones. In addition, cannabis use results in menstrual irregularity in women and a decrease in sperm production in men. Premature births and low birth weight in babies are likely to be observed as a result of cannabis use during pregnancy.

Sexual Effects of Cannabis: Does Cannabis Increase Libido?

The link between cannabis use and sexual activity is still unclear. However, new large-scale studies show that cannabis use increases sex drive (libido). So how does marijuana have sexual effects? Working as an assistant professor of urology at Stanford University School of Medicine, California, several findings have been made by a team of researchers led by Michael Eisenberg regarding the link between marijuana/cannabis use and sexual activity. Urology assistant Dr. Andrew Sun was the first to write for the newspaper. This article has been published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Speaking about the encouragement of the study, Dr. Eisenberg made an explanation as “Marijuana use is very common, but the link between wide-scale use and sexual frequency has not been studied much as a scientific method. In fact, the National Institute of Substance Abuse of America stated in 2015 that 22.2 million people reported using marijuana in the last month. But so far, the effects of marijuana on sexual satisfaction have had very mixed results. In studies on mice, the active ingredients in marijuana have been shown to affect sex drive (libido) over a variable period.

However, more recent studies have shown that endocannabinoids increase sex drive in women, as the drug enhances the sexual experience in both men and women. To better understand the effect of marijuana on sexual function, Dr. Eisenberg and Dr. Sun evaluated data provided by the National Survey of Family Growth. This organization is an organization that extensively researches the information obtained by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on fertility, having children, family life, marriage, divorce, and women’s and men’s health.

Cannabis Use and Frequency of Having Sexual Intercourse

The NFSG-National Survey of Family Growth investigated the frequency of intercourse and cannabis use in the total population of the United States. In a more detailed study, 28,176 heterosexual women and 22,943 straight men were asked how many times they have had sex in the last four weeks and how often they have used marijuana in the last 12 months. Participants were in the 25-45 age range, with an average age of 29.9 for women and 29.5 for men. Researchers included information collected since 2012 under the NFSG.

The researchers made adjustments for possible confounding factors such as the use of other drugs, cocaine, and alcohol. In total, 24.5 percent of men and 14.5 percent of women said they have used marijuana in the last 12 months. Researchers noticed a link between how often marijuana was smoked and how often they had sex. More specifically, people using marijuana had 20 percent more sex than non-users, and these results apply to both sexes.

Women who avoided marijuana use in the past years reported that they had sex, on average, 6 times in the last 4 weeks. This figure was observed as 7.1 in marijuana users. However, men who avoided marijuana use reported having sex 5.6 times, on average, in the past 4 weeks. This figure was observed as 6.9 in marijuana users. The detailed trend seen applies to all people of all genders and all races, depending on age, education level, income level, and religious beliefs, in all health conditions, whether they are married or have children. – Dr. Michael Eisenberg

Despite these strong connections, Dr. Eisenberg points out that this study does not prove the causal relationship. He added in the form as “If you smoke more marijuana, you won’t have more sex.” However, the overall conclusion from this research is clear. Frequent use of marijuana does not appear to negatively affect sexual motivation or performance. Rather, Dr. Eisenberg concluded that “marijuana use is proportional to the frequency of intercourse”.

What Is the Connection Between Cannabis and Erection Problem?

Men who have been exposed to erectile dysfunction cannot obtain the proper penis hardness for sexual intercourse. There may be many reasons for the emergence of this sexual health problem. As a result of some researches, it has been determined that cannabis use causes the erection problem as a sexual health problem in men. In the following paragraphs, I will mention the effects of cannabis use, which is one of these reasons, on the erection problem. Cannabis is the easiest-to-grow and most used drug in the world. Cannabis is produced from dried leaves, flowers, seeds, and cannabis plants. It contains a variety of different chemicals, including a group known as cannabinoids. The best-known chemical of these is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is what has the greatest impact on the body.

Although there are various methods of cannabis use; It is generally rolled in a sheet and smoked, or consumed with a bong. There are connections with excessive smoking and alcohol consumption in the development of erection problems. This situation may be the same for cannabis. The presence of some chemicals in extra cannabis can increase the risk of erection problems. Although whether Tetrahydrocannabinol, which is contained in the cannabis drug substance, may disrupt the functions of the penile blood vessels is not exactly known, there is a possibility of erection problems in men due to the lack of blood supply to the penis.

The dopamine hormone is a hormone that affects emotions and moods in the human body, there is an increase in the level of this hormone as a result of cannabis use. As the body gets used to high levels of dopamine as a result of continuous cannabis use, the normal dopamine level in the body will not be sufficient to stimulate the man sexually, but the male will make it difficult to have an erection due to sexual reluctance.

Cannabis increases the level of a chemical in the body called dopamine. Dopamine is a hormone that can affect mood and emotion. It may happen that if a person gets used to this artificially high dopamine level, their body’s natural dopamine level can be sexually stimulated and makes it harder to get an erection. As a result of cannabis use, blood pressure and heart rate will accelerate due to the rapid functioning of the circulatory system. These two cases pose a risk for erection problems.

People who use cannabis are affected by this drug in different ways. In order to understand well why cannabis creates an erection problem, it is necessary to know how your body is affected. Marijuana affects the brain. When THC is smoked, it quickly passes from the lungs into the bloodstream and is transported to all other organs in the body. THC is absorbed more slowly when a person eats or drinks it. Because of its structure similarity, THC is able to bind itself to certain molecules that normally react to natural THC-like chemicals and become active. One of these is known as anandamide, the “happiness molecule”.

Since the body recognizes THC, various mental and physical functions, including the brain reward system, are impaired. This system manages responses to pleasurable activities such as sex. THC points to the body releasing higher-than-normal levels of dopamine. Dopamine has an effect on emotion and feeling in the body. This is why people feel “high” after taking the drug. Other effects of cannabis include:

  • Altered senses
  • Change of sense of time
  • Changes in mood
  • Physical disabilities
  • Difficulty thinking and problem solving
  • Poor memory

It is possible to treat the erection problem as a result of this event. Using a penile hardening pill for its treatment will cure the erection problem in a very short time and will provide you with the ideal penis hardness and erectness for sexual intercourse. Since the effect of these products continues for at least 24 hours, the penis will also be erect as a result of every sexual stimulation.

Medical Research: Cannabis Kills Male Sexuality

Although cannabis users claim that the substance increases sexual desire, new scientific research shows otherwise. Physicist Rany Shamloul, who has studied at the University of Ottawa and Queen’s University in Canada and the University of Cairo in Egypt, has revealed that cannabis kills male sexuality in the long term, although research says the opposite. Shamloul, whose findings were also published in an article in Sexual Medicine dated January 26, said that the techniques used in previous studies were not sufficient to accurately measure sexual activity and the results could therefore be misleading.

162 million people smoke cannabis a year, according to the study showing that men were commonly using cannabis when their sexuality was at their strongest. 22 million of them consume cannabis every day. Frequent use also causes more problems in the long run. Shamloul also states that the number of researches on female sexuality and marijuana use is almost negligible and that clinical studies on the subject are required.

Cannabis Causes Changes in Sperm DNA

A study investigating the effects of Cannabis on the male reproductive system proved that the drug causes a genetic change in human sperm. Research conducted by Duke University in the United States revealed that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active ingredient in cannabis, also significantly reduces sperm count. Experiments on 24 humans and mice revealed that THC targets genes in two major cellular pathways. Methylation, or genetic change, was observed in about a hundred of these genes studied.

Although the study reveals the genetic change, it does not reach a conclusion about the persistence of this change and its transmission to the next generation. Susan Murphy, Head of the Department of Reproductive Science at Duke University, explained in a scientific publication that it is not known whether the sperm affected by THC is healthy enough to fertilize an egg and continue its development in an embryo and added: “We know that marijuana use has an impact on regulatory mechanisms in sperm DNA, but whether it can be passed on to future generations has not yet been disclosed.” As a precaution, Susan Murphy recommends quitting cannabis use at least 6 months before deciding to have children.

Cannabis use also reduces testosterone (male hormone) release in men with short-term use. Breast growth, sperm production, motility, and vitality disorders can lead to a 50 percent reduction in sperm. Contrary to popular belief, cannabis does not increase sexual desire and performance. It even has a negative effect. However, it has a positive effect on sexuality as it removes social pressures on the person and thus leads to more comfortable behavior. A person’s use of marijuana can be understood as:

Impairment in movement skills: Marijuana causes impaired perception, exaggeration of sensory experiences. He eats a lot of food. There may be an increase in activities such as watching movies or listening to music.

Cannabis psychosis: Skeptical thoughts, suspicion of the environment, feeling that something is spinning around is common during or after use. Dreams can see.

Flashback: Temporarily re-experiencing experiences under the influence of matter and re-experiencing emotional content.

Amotivational syndrome: It is a decrease in motivation and ambition, a decrease in the expression of emotions, a decrease in the capacity to make and execute long-term plans, and difficulty in coping with frustration.

Does Each Substance Use Cause the Same Sexual Effect?

According to the results of the research conducted by New York University, Drug Use and HIV / HCV Research Center; Alcohol, cannabis, and ecstasy produce different sexual effects, from the temptation to sexual dysfunction. Findings published in the journal Psychology and Sexuality suggest that different substances are associated with different sexual risks for users. Alcohol, cannabis, and ecstasy (also known as powder form molly) are among the most commonly used substances by young adults. Although extensive research has been done on the fact that substance use is a factor leading to risky sexual behavior, few studies have focused on the specific sexual effects of different substances.

In the study, researchers interviewed 679 young adults aged 18-25 who attended electronic dance music parties in nightclubs and dance festivals in New York to examine and compare the link between alcohol, cannabis, and ecstasy use with different sexual effects. The researchers compared the sexual effects of the substances according to the self-report of the individuals. 39% of the participants stated that they used all three types of drugs. In the study, the researchers found that alcohol and ecstasy have a stronger association with rates of attraction, sexual desire, and social hookup (making it easier for them to meet partners) compared to cannabis. Both feeling more attractive and finding others more attractive were mostly seen in those who consumed alcohol and then ecstasy. While 67% of alcohol users and 61% of those using ecstasy stated that they felt more attractive, this rate remained at 25% for cannabis users. Similarly, 72% of alcohol users and 64% of those who use ecstasy found other people more attractive and interested, while this rate remained at 27% for cannabis users.

Social hookup was defined as a hookup that was more likely to meet a partner. While 77% of those who use alcohol and 72% of those who use ecstasy, this rate is 26% in cannabis. In fact, it was reported that 36% of cannabis users have decreased social movements. The lead author of the study, Dr. Joseph Palamar, said: “These results show that alcohol use increases the sense of self-acceptance and decreases the social anxiety.” Ecstasy, also known as “love medicine”, was more associated with increased sexual intensity, length of sexual intercourse, and orgasm intensity compared to alcohol and cannabis. This finding was an expected result of the researchers. However, they noted that Molly (the powder form of ecstasy) often mixes with other powder drugs, and it is not known how many of these users actually use molly.

Sexual dysfunction was most common in men when using alcohol or ecstasy, but women were more likely to report sexual dysfunction after using cannabis. “While alcohol and ecstasy can increase sexual desire, these drugs can actually hinder men’s sexual performance,” said Palamar. “Alcohol can numb the body, which can delay or prevent orgasm. Although the drug increases body sensitivity, sensitivity to ecstasies is high and impotence is common. Women reported mixed sexual effects while using cannabis. “While women with high cannabis use are more susceptible to sexual contact, they are more likely than men to report sexual dysfunction from use.” Regret after sexual intercourse was mostly in alcohol (31%), then ecstasy (13%), and finally cannabis (7%).

The authors point out that more research is needed as this study has several limitations. For example, the recall may be limited, and important factors such as a drug experience, the amount used, when a drug was used in relation to the encounter, and concomitant use of other drugs were not taken into account. Article author Griffin-Tomas said, “This study focused on the effect of drugs on sexual pleasure. In terms of public health, the role of pleasure should be considered in the individual’s decision-making process. Most sex education and drug use programs are not concerned with pleasure as a reason for having sex. One reason for substance use is the thought of increased pleasure.”

Cannabis and Other Illegal Substances and Their Effects on Sexuality

  • Cannabis

It is marketed as a powder or treated plate obtained from drying a cannabis plant leaf. It is possible to find ready-wrapped cannabis cigarettes for 2-5 dollars in the American market. Also known as cannabis, this plant is also popular with the name “poppy”, which means powder in Arabic. It is used in the form of a cigarette or chewed. It is widely consumed due to its intoxicating, pleasurable, and narcotic properties and also because of its easy availability. Some states have allowed the use of this herb in a certain dose. The marijuana smoker talks a lot in a relaxed way (euphoria). Their feelings increased, their feelings swelled. He is extremely sensitive to colors, flavors, or what they hear. Regardless, chronic use causes psychological dependence and impairs male sexual functions by reducing testosterone levels, just like opium. It often causes painful sexual intercourse (dyspnoea) in women.

  • Cocaine

It is usually snorted but can be used wherever it can enter the body. Crack can be smoked, coca leaves can be chewed, and absorbed through the vagina, anus, and skin. Inhalation and ingestion of its vapor are also frequently used. Once taken, it shows its effect on the body for at least 20 minutes. Increased insomnia, hallucinations, irritability, nose problems, itching, depression, and suicidal tendency; are the known and most common side effects. It shows its sexual stimulant effect through dopaminergic receptors. Delays ejaculation and prolongs the erection time. Due to prolonged erections, cases of “priapism” are frequently encountered.

Priapism is a non-reversible erection problem and is an emergency that necessarily requires medical intervention. Even if this problem eventually heals, it may cause permanent sexual inadequacy by creating fibrotic changes in the sponge structure of the penis. Even without the complication of priapism, chronic cocaine users eventually lose their erections. Cocaine renders the receptors that make up the “nitric oxide synthetase” enzyme released by the epithelium lining the spongy tissues of the penis inoperable over time.

  • Opium

Opium is the main source of many illegal substances. Drugs such as morphine, heroin, codeine, papaverine, thebaine, and noscapine are made from the opium plant. Production for medical purposes is legally permitted. It has legal production in the Far East countries, China, Afghanistan, Turkey, and even in the UK. It is a plant known to people since 4000 BC. It is used illegally, mostly by being rolled or chewed. It can also show its effect by inhaling the smoke in special pipes called “sleeping pipes” and inhaling the smoke in the space. For this reason, special closed areas where opium can be drunk have been created throughout history, and people have been able to dive into their dreams by just being here. Opium and its derivatives are ideal pain relievers. Opium’s sedative and sleep-inducing effects are very superior.

The human figure sleeping with eyes open is a typical opium user. It is also used as an ideal anti-diarrhea since it slows down the movements of the gastrointestinal system. It causes death by respiratory and cardiac depression. It is known that using two grams at a time can be a lethal dose. However, it has been observed that addicts use 6-8 grams per day. It is physically addictive and tolerance to the dose develops with chronic use. It quickly spoils the androgenic world of men. It stops the hormone called GnRH from being released from the brain so that the male hormone testosterone cannot be produced, the male becomes hypogonadism. In other words, while the testosterone hormone, which is everything in men, decreases gradually, it also loses its libido as well as its sexual power. In studies conducted on people using opium-derived drugs due to unbearable pain, it has been determined that the loss of erection and libido is at the level of 90%.

  • Heroin

Heroin obtained from the opium plant is an important drug used illegally. Heroin is derived from the word hero. It has descriptions such as white, dragon, gear, jack, temple, cheese. It is used by snorting, wrapping a cigarette, or injecting it into a vein. When taken intravenously, it shows its effect in 10 seconds. Dose adjustment is very difficult, as many foreign substances are mixed with street heroin, and high doses bring sudden death. Users always have fears about purity. For this reason, pure heroin “Diaphine” is produced and sold legally in the world as a medicine and to be prescribed only for addicts.

It causes physical and mental addiction. In addition to its pain-relieving, calming, and sleep-inducing properties, it has undesirable side effects such as constipation, visual impairment, excessive sweating, vomiting, muscle cramps, and fatigue. It decreases blood testosterone levels by rapidly suppressing the luteinizing hormone. It impairs sexual functions. Local complications are also inevitable for those who use the vein on the penis as the injection site.

  • Ecstasy

It is a synthetic form of amphetamine. Briefly, it is marketed in tablet form with a formula known as MDMA. It is known as the happiness medicine or the pill that eradicates the depression. It is a powerful antidepressant. It was discovered by the European pharmaceutical giant Merck in 1912, but it became widespread towards the end of the 1980s. It prevents dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine from leaving the cell in the brain cells and causes these substances to increase inside the cell. In addition, it shows its effect by increasing the release of oxytocin hormone through serotonin. It is used as a therapeutic in most psychiatric diseases and especially in depression. Self-confidence and courage increase in the person using the drug. Feelings of hugging, cuddling, trust, sincerity, being able to talk, and even do everything increase. The person becomes hyperactive. Sight, hearing, and touch senses become sensitive.

The effect can begin two hours after intake and may last eight hours. Due to the sensitivity of the sex organs, women or men can be ready to have sex at any time. Numerous consecutive erections can be seen in men. High-quality orgasms are experienced. In short, people are very happy and ready to do anything and take any risk. People who take ecstasy become as if they knowingly and willingly harm themselves. Side effects of ectasia include teeth grinding, jaw locking, dry mouth, thirst, and excessive drinking. In addition, after the effect of the drug wears off, there will be extreme fatigue, insomnia, depression, paranoia, concentration disorder, diarrhea, decreased appetite, jaw, and toothache. Since it presents an unreal world to the user, this time after ecstasy, the person is very unhappy and restless.

  • Ketamine

It has been recommended as a pain reliever and anesthetic drug in humans and animals. In its illegal use, it is taken for entertainment and imagination purposes. It is a powerful hallucinogenic agent. The person taking ketamine can dream and live the dream they want. It can be snorted into the nose in powder form or injected into the body in liquid form. If 40-50 mg of ketamine is used as an injection, it shows its effect within a minute. When taken as a powder, it requires high doses (such as 500 mg) as it will be metabolized in the liver. The ketamine user loses interest in the outside world. He has hallucinations that are unreal or different from his personality traits. In psychiatry, the definition of “depersonalization”, ie personality separation, is used. It is known that people who affect crowded masses in mystical environments take ketamine and then take to the stage. Heart rate increases, blood pressure rises.

Saliva increases, sensitivity to external factors increases. In particular, movement coordination/control is eliminated. The worst side effect of ketamine is excessive sensitivity in the bladder, increased contractions, and thickening of the bladder wall. It has symptoms just like a bladder infection. This problem occurs especially in the long-term use of the drug as a pain reliever. An early reversible side effect is often a process that leads to losing the bladder. Ketamine is recommended to stop involuntary erections that develop during penile surgeries. This information suggests that ketamine can cause erectile dysfunction.

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