Cannabis Control Commission (Its Mission, Services, Value Programs)

The crucial the Cannabis Control Commission is to respect the desire of the voters of Massachusetts by securely, fairly and successfully actualizing and managing the laws empowering access to restorative and grown-up use pot in the Commonwealth. The Commission will encourage the formation of a securely controlled industry that will make enterprising and work openings and gradual duty incomes in and to networks over the state and which will be a best practice model for different states.

The business will be described by support by little and bigger members and with full and powerful interest by minorities, ladies and veterans. They will create arrangements and methodology to empower and empower full interest in the cannabis business by individuals from networks that have recently been lopsidedly hurt by pot disallowance and authorization and emphatically sway those networks.

Their Operating Principles

The Commission vows to:

  • Lead the entirety of our procedures straightforwardly and straightforwardly
  • Take part in customary two – route correspondence with every single concerned resident, patients, social insurance suppliers, and parental figures, accomplices and different bodies electorate

Manufacture a world-class state office by:

  • Focusing on the most significant level of constituent administrations utilizing cutting edge innovation and various media;
  • Characterizing and freely measure our exhibition versus measurements with respect to opportune execution, openness, sway on general wellbeing and security, sway on excessively hurt networks and gradual expense income age;
  • Turning out to be self-subsidizing and creating an income overflow; and
  • Making an incredible work environment.

Improve and guarantee general wellbeing and security by:

  • Creating and authorizing powerful guidelines;
  • Creating and executing a program of proceeding with state-funded training;
  • Leading and adding to look into marijuana-related points; and
  • Utilizing surplus assets to help address issues in these territories.

Guidance Services of Commission

  • Guidance on Background Authorization Forms
  • Guidance on Best Management Practices for Water Use
  • Guidance for Business
  • Guidance on Cannabis Waste Management Requirements
  • Guidance for Community Outreach & Forms
  • Guidance for Consumption of Marijuana for Adult Use
  • Guidance on Distribution
  • Guidance for Equity Provisions
  • Guidance for Farmers
  • Guidance on Home Cultivation
  • Guidance on Host Community Agreements

  • Guidance for Identifying Areas of Disproportionate Impact
  • Guidance on Integrated Pest Management
  • Guidance on Marijuana Establishment Agent Registration
  • Guidance for Marijuana Establishment Licensure Applicants
  • Guidance on Marijuana Establishment License Types
  • Guidance on Municipal Equity
  • Guidance for Municipalities
  • Guidance on Renewing a Marijuana Establishment License
  • Guidance on Required Positive Impact Plans and Diversity Plans – revised
  • Guidance on Responsible Vendor Training
  • Guidance on Seed-to-Sale Tracking
  • Guidance on Tinctures

Value Programs

Social Equity Program – Which Track Is Directly for You?

The Commission is focused on actualizing an assortment of projects to effectively connect with individuals from networks of unbalanced effect and guarantee their consideration in the lawful cannabis industry. Numerous projects were created in light of proof which exhibits that specific geographic zones and statistic populaces, especially Blacks and Latinos, have been lopsidedly affected by high paces of capture and imprisonment for cannabis and other medication violations because of state and government sedate strategy.

Criminalization has had long haul negative impacts, on the people captured and detained, however on their families and networks. They presently have the chance to review the notable damage done to those particular people and networks. To figure out how you can band together with the Commission in its endeavors if it’s not too much trouble discover more data on our value programs underneath or contact Shekia Scott, Director of Community Outreach.

What is Equity?

Value is the acknowledgment and convenience of contrasts through reasonableness in process and result to avert the continuation of a biased state of affairs.

Value Involvement Form

Need to guarantee Massachusetts’ cannabis industry is evenhanded, different, and comprehensive? Complete this structure to give advantages or administrations to Social Equity Program members, Certified Economic Empowerment beneficiaries, and different gatherings for whom the Commission is accused of guaranteeing important interest.

Social Equity Program Application

The Social Equity Program is a pathway for people and organizations that desire to fabricate, enter, and bolster a powerful grown-up use cannabis commercial center. The application time frame for companion one is shut; notwithstanding, they urge you to apply for the following Social Equity Program partner.

The program offers you:

  • Social Equity Program Resources
  • Qualification Requirements
  • Direction for Equity Provisions
  • Outline
  • Direction on Municipal Equity
  • Direction on Positive Impact and Diversity Plans
  • Direction on Identifying Areas of Disproportionate Impact
  • Social Equity Presentation
  • Social Equity Application Preview
  • Instructional exercise: How to Sign up for MassCIP
  • Social Equity Program Newsletter

Join to get Social Equity Program refreshes underneath:

The application time frame for associate one is shut; in any case, they urge you to apply for the following Social Equity Program companion. It would be ideal if you register here to start the application procedure. Notice: They suggest that candidates use Google Chrome for the best client experience.

The Social Equity Program gives proficient preparing, specialized help, and tutoring. The application time frame for companion one is shut; nonetheless, they urge you to apply for the following Social Equity Program associate.

If you don’t mind pursue our social value news rundown to get refreshes as the program advances. The Social Equity Program is intended to assemble a pathway for people and organizations that desire to manufacture, enter, and bolster a powerful grown-up utilize cannabis commercial center paying little respect to their ideal degree of contribution or zone of claim to fame.

The program centers around those generally influenced by pot preclusion and assists candidates with finding how they can add to the recently legitimized industry. The crucial the program is to energize full investment by individuals from networks that have recently been lopsidedly hurt by pot disallowance and implementation and to decidedly affect those networks by diminishing the inconsistencies in life results for these people and improving the personal satisfaction in regions of unbalanced effect.


  • Diminish obstructions to a passage in the business cannabis industry;
  • Give proficient preparing, specialized administrations, and tutoring for those confronting fundamental boundaries; and
  • Advance supportable, socially, and financially reparative practices in the business grown-up use pot industry in Massachusetts.

Qualification Criteria To be qualified for this bit of the program, people must meet at any rate one of the accompanying criteria:

  • Have dwelled in a region of unbalanced effect for at any rate five of the previous 10 years and current pay may not surpass 400% of government destitution level; or
  • Have a past medication conviction and an occupant of Massachusetts for at any rate the first a year; or
  • Have been hitched to or the offspring of an individual with a medication conviction, and an occupant of Massachusetts for in any event the former a year.

Social Equity Program – Application Preview

Qualification Requirements: Applicants or licensees are qualified for the social value program in the event that they show in any event one of the accompanying criteria:

  1. A living arrangement in a territory of lopsided effect for at any rate 5 of the previous 10 years and pay that doesn’t surpass 400% of the Federal Poverty Level;
  2. A past medication conviction and living arrangement in Massachusetts for in any event the first a year; or
  3. Hitched to or the offspring of an individual with a medication conviction and living arrangement in Massachusetts for in any event the former a year.

Track Overview: These tracks depend on a candidate’s particular advantages in the cannabis business, their present abilities, and the results they are looking to pick up from the program.

Business visionary: Those looking for licensure and proprietorship

Center: Those keen on cannabis professions at Marijuana Establishments at the administrative and official level

  • Center Experienced Candidates (2-6 years)
  • Center Professional Candidates (7+ years)

Reemergence and Entry: Those keen on passage level situations inside Marijuana Establishments

  • Reemergence level Candidates (reappearing society)
  • Section level Candidates (0-2 years)

Subordinate: Those with existing aptitudes that are straightforwardly transferable to working with or supporting cannabis organizations. Designers and engineers of new cannabis embellishments and devices.

  • Exchange Professionals
  • Administrative Professionals

Frequently Asked Questions

What laws oversee the grown-up utilization of pot?

The 2016 voting form request known as “Question 4” became Chapter 334 of the Acts of 2016. It made General Laws Chapter 94G which administers the grown-up utilization of marijuana and makes the Cannabis Control (“Commission”). Section 334 and G.L. c.94G was corrected by Chapter 55 of the Acts of 2017. These laws are alluded to as The 2017 Act, except if generally noted. Check Marijuana Laws in Massachusetts.

Who will build up the guidelines for grown-up use marijuana in Massachusetts?

The Commission will set up guidelines with contributions from the Cannabis Advisory Board, partners, and the general population.

What amount of weed would I be able to have?

On the off chance that you are more than 21 years of age, you may have up to one ounce of marijuana on your individual, then again, actually not in excess of five grams of weed might be as pot concentrate. In your home, you may have up to 10 ounces of weed and any pot created by plants developed on the premises.

Any measure of weed or marijuana items more than one ounce kept inside your place of the living arrangement must be verified by a lock. Inability to keep marijuana and cannabis items more than one ounce bolted up inside the home might be rebuffed by a common punishment of up to $100 and relinquishment of the pot. See Penalties for Violations.

How might I get a permit to develop or sell industrial hemp?

Under the law, modern hemp must be utilized to look into purposes and for business purposes resolved to be sensible by the Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (DAR). The Massachusetts DAR is the organization liable for this procedure.

Would I be able to smoke or expend grown-up use marijuana items openly?

No, you can’t smoke grown-up use weed in a spot where you are disallowed from smoking tobacco and you can’t devour grown-up use marijuana in an open spot. The common punishment is up to $100. Check Penalties for Violations. Urban areas and towns may pass standing rules or laws approving special cases in specific territories for social utilization.

Would I be able to grow my own cannabis in my home?

Indeed. The law permits a person more than 21 years old to grow up to six plants in their home. In the event that there are others more than 21 years old living in the living arrangement who wish to develop, the most extreme number of plants that might be developed in a living arrangement is 12 plants. The plants must be developed in a zone that is outfitted with a lock or security gadget.

The plants can’t be noticeable from an open spot without the utilization of binoculars, flying machine or other optical guides. An individual can’t deliver cannabis-based concentrates or aggregates at home by methods for any fluid or gas, other than liquor, that has a flashpoint beneath 100 degrees Fahrenheit. See Home Cultivation and Manufacturing.

Would I be able to drive with weed in my vehicle?

Like liquor, you might not have an open holder of grown-up use weed/cannabis items in the traveler territory of your vehicle while out and about or at a spot where people in general approach. An “open holder” incorporates a bundle with its seal broken or a bundle from which the substance has been incompletely expelled.

The “traveler territory” does exclude a trunk or a bolted glove compartment. The 2017 Act doesn’t change the current punishments for working a vehicle on the off chance that you are weakened by the utilization of pot or marijuana items. You are carefully denied from expending pot while working a vehicle. For explicit data, see MGL c.90 § 24.

Could my city or town boycott grown-up use pot offices?

Indeed, yet on the off chance that your town decided in favor of Question #4 on the 2016 state political race voting form, entitled: “Sanctioning, Regulation, and Taxation of Marijuana”, the city or town must go the boycott through a polling form submission measure where all voters of their town/city would have a chance to cast a ballot.


If it’s not too much trouble pursue our notice rundown to get email correspondences from the Cannabis Control Commission. To forestall Commission messages from going into your spam channel, if you don’t mind add [email protected] to your sheltered rundown.

They esteem and regard your security. Your email address won’t be imparted to an outsider, nor will it be sold or utilized for purposes other than membership for the Cannabis Control Commission pamphlet.

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